This is Curate

Britton Rizzio

Britton Rizzio is the founder of Curate. Her love for building careers and new paths in the entertainment industry led her to start the company in 2021.  Over the course of her 16 years as a manager Rizzio has worked with and developed projects with the top creators in film and TV.

Born and raised in Chicago, Rizzio started out assisting Gigi Pritzker and moved to Los Angeles to attend the UCLA Producers Program. From there she worked across multiple platforms, including producing music videos for Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie and My Chemical Romance, and working as a below the line agent and development executive. Through these experiences she found her passion for putting people and ideas together.

Rizzio is known for having a keen eye for talent and story. As a TV producer, she found and secured the rights to the Buzzfeed article She Would Have Been the Perfect Mom For Someone That Was Actually Sick by Michelle Dean. The article was developed into the critically acclaimed show THE ACT for Hulu, for which Patricia Arquette won an Emmy.

As a manager she is drawn to creators who want to break new ground by telling universal stories in a unique way. She loves left of center ideas and gets excited by people who dream big.


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