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Courtney Conwell

Courtney Conwell is a founding partner at Curate. She transitioned from development executive to manager a decade ago after meeting Britton Rizzio and discussing their shared passion for discovering new voices and elevating unique stories over a bottle of wine.

Born in Southern California, Conwell studied screenwriting at Boston University.  She got her start in the industry working for Stephanie Savage on Gossip Girl.  She went on to assist Karyn Kusama, Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. She even honed her storytelling skills as an apprentice editor before landing with John Hamburg as a development executive at his Particular Pictures banner. It’s been these creative relationships that have fueled her desire to continue developing material with talent as well as nurture their future growth as a manager.

She is inspired by stories about the human condition and complicated relationship dynamics told through a surprising lens or viewpoint. She loves working with creators who push boundaries and challenge the expected.

Courtney spends her free time at the beach and trying to convince her wife to adopt more dogs.

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